It was a baseball game that originally was not supposed to be played. By the time it was over, it was a game that 16 seniors from Rhodes College and SUNY Oneonta — and their teammates, coaches, and families — will never forget.

Officially, their seasons had been cancelled a few days earlier, as the spreading coronavirus began to rewrite the Spring of 2020. But the Lynx and Dragons were allowed to finish out their spring break trips to the RussMatt Invitational in central Florida, and they wound up sharing an impromptu Senior Day game at Chain O’Lakes Park that turned what could have been a sad day into a celebration of everything they’ve loved about playing baseball their entire lives.

Throughout this first season of the Out Of Left Field Podcast, we’ll continue exploring the many ways the sports world has been remade by the coronavirus. If you know of any out of left field stories that deserve to be told, visit our Contact page ( and let us know.

As always, I want to thank everyone involved in the total team effort behind this episode:

* George Hochbrueckner, for the closing theme. Check out his album, Celticafricousticelectric on iTunes.
* Scott Holmes Music ( for the opening theme, Hotshot.
* Eliana May, for her original music. Her new EP will be released in the near future; you can find out more at
* Rhodes College baseball coach Jeff Cleanthes, SUNY Oneonta baseball coach Ben Grimm, and their players who were willing to share their stories with me over Zoom.
* Dan Miller of United Collegiate Umpires, who captured some remarkable footage of this unlikeliest of ballgames. Dan has some big plans to continue sharing this story; I look forward to keeping you updated as his project continues to develop.
* Jessica Berenblat of JB Arthouse ( for designing the cover art.
* Rachel Blechman of Tinbear Consulting ( for building a new internet home for Out Of Left Field (
* Josh Sippie, my podcast mentor from the Gotham Writers Workshop ( His encouragement is directly responsible for whatever late-night hours I’m spending on this podcast when I really should be sleeping.
* Our sponsors, Everipe Blender-Ready Superfood Smoothies (, which has rescued breakfast-time for my family; Soggy Doggy (, because it’s a lot easier to shelter in place when your place doesn’t smell like wet dog; and Electra-Craft (, whose coffee machines keep us all fully caffeinated and surprisingly productive during this stay-at-home spring. 

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