The NFL likes to tell college prospects that the size of their school or the level of competition they play doesn’t matter, that if a player has talent, they’ll find him. But small school prospects know the reality: exposure to NFL decision-makers is extremely limited, and there just aren’t many opportunities to catch an eye. Especially in a world shut down by a global pandemic.

Prospects like Will Gladney, a record-setting wide receiver at Division III Ithaca College, are finding it harder than ever to make an impression, to showcase their abilities and share their stories. All they can hope is that sometime before the 2020 NFL Draft, they made an impression on someone who will open the door for them and their dreams of playing professional football.

Throughout this first season of the Out Of Left Field Podcast, we’ll continue exploring the many ways the sports world has been affected by the coronavirus. 

I want to thank everyone involved in the total team effort behind this second episode of our first season:

* George Hochbrueckner, for the original tunes. Check out his album, Celticafricousticelectric on iTunes.
* Scott Holmes Music ( for the opening theme, Hotshot.
* NFL prospect Will Gladney and his father, Mark Brainard
* Justin Lutes, Sports Information Director at Ithaca College
* Jeremy Menard and WICB radio
* Ithaca College football coaches Dan Swanstrom and Reece Petty
* Quentin Gause andIron Visuals
* Mike Rittelmann and the College Gridiron Showcase
* Jessica Berenblat of JB Arthouse ( for designing the cover art.
* Rachel Blechman of Tinbear Consulting ( for building a new internet home for Out Of Left Field.
* Josh Sippie, my podcast mentor from the Gotham Writers Workshop (
* Our sponsors, Everipe Blender-Ready Superfood Smoothies (, which has rescued breakfast-time for my family, and Soggy Doggy (, because it’s a lot easier to shelter in place when your place doesn’t smell like wet dog. 

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