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We may follow sports because we are interested in scores, stats and standings. But we care about sports because of the authentic human experience that lives at the heart of the games, teams and traditions we love. They are the reason why sports is the only true Reality TV. The drama is unscripted, the emotions genuine, the challenges real. And the more unexpected the story the better. In Season One of the Out Of Left Field Podcast, we will explore the many ways the sports world has been affected by the stoppage of play brought on by a virus. The games may have stopped for now, but the way we care about games and the people who play them remains uninterrupted and undiminished.

Episode 5: The Claiming game

The mainstream sports fan probably only spends about six minutes watching horse racing in a given year — the combined running time of the three Triple Crown races. A...

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Episode 4: Election Day Special – Tipping Points

As you’re sitting around this Election Day, waiting for results to come in, sports might be the furthest thing from your mind. Just as when you watched your favorite...

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Episode 3: Last Licks

It was a baseball game that originally was not supposed to be played. By the time it was over, it was a game that 16 seniors from Rhodes College...

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Episode 2: Catch An Eye

The NFL likes to tell college prospects that the size of their school or the level of competition they play doesn’t matter, that if a player has talent, they’ll...

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Episode 1: Safe At Home

Opening Day is about many things: The return of baseball season. The end of winter. Most of all, it is a day of hope and possibility. The caliber of...

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